It’s your time!


You have made a commitment to finally write and publish the non-fiction book that has been swirling about in your periphery vision, telling you it is ready. Congratulations – time to get to work!



How can I assist you to bring your best work to fruition?

I am Bev Ryan, and my greatest satisfaction comes from being an integral part of your support team when you step up to find your voice, claim your place, and shine your light through publishing.

I do this by providing three main services.

This is for you if you are planning to write a book and need assistance with deciding your topic, theme, or audience. Perhaps you are struggling with planning the content for your book? Have you already started writing but become stuck or demotivated? Find out more about book coaching here
We also work with self-publishing authors to produce your book. We can work with you when you are nearing completion of the writing stage to ensure you include the sections in the front and back of your book which enhance the final publication. I then have a trusted team of editors and graphic designers who provide editing, proofreading, book cover design, page layout, printing, and conversion to e-book and print-on-demand files for Amazon. Find out more about publishing services here …
If you are a first-time self-publisher you will hear a lot about creating an ‘author platform’. If you don’t have a strong online presence before you write your book, it is critical that you put time into building a professional online presence, which includes your LinkedIn profile, website content and other collateral. My skills as a career coach, editor, publisher and web content writer mean that I provide the right support for you in this process. Please contact me