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As a non-fiction book coach & publishing consultant (with career coaching skills) I love to work with inspired professionals and business owners like you, who have a desire to connect with your world in a meaningful and impactful way through publishing.

I am Bev Ryan and I know first-hand the excitement and fulfillment of self-publishing, and the power that has to elevate you to a place of influence and respect among your clients, peers and industry connections, when you do it well, with style and grace.

I also understand the fears and doubts that might undermine your confidence in the process – and can guarantee you that the end result is absolutely worth the push. Perhaps even better than a degree or a PhD that is shelved on completion, in my opinion.



Since a major career change in the late 90s, I have established, published, edited and marketed two national small business print magazines – Work from Home and Honestly Woman – and won awards along the way: Quest Small Business Readers’ Award, MCEI National Women in Business Award, and a Queensland Government Industry Development Award.

While planning, establishing, editing, and marketing magazines over seven years, I also lead a small team including graphic designers, sales assistants and admin staff, while liaising with writers, advertisers, print companies, and distributors. We constantly sought ways to increase subscriptions and partner with organisations. We ran events, which included regular lunches, workshops and themed mini-expos. We published a profitable monthly e-newsletter with its own advertisers to build a database, and increase magazine sales.

I can truly say that publishing was life-changing, but the greatest impact came about because of the determination and hard work involved, which lead to huge personal and professional growth for me.

After the GFC impacted the economy, I moved from publishing print magazines to the growing field of independent non-fiction publishing, and from 2009 to 2011 established and ran the Women’s Publishing Network, with 400 members and monthly workshops in Brisbane. It was a place women investigating self-publishing could network with others, AND a place to find an array of expertise in that field.

Since then I have supported dozens of non-fiction authors personally, by providing a range of services from book coaching through to full project management of clients’ books.


Publishing magazines requires an absolute understanding of your ideal reader. If you don’t get that right, you don’t have a product. It means constant deadlines; ever present demands for original story ideas and appealing design concepts; the juggle of marketing to both advertisers and readers; building a profile as editor; looking out for partnerships; and developing products as spin-offs to the magazine.

Today I work with a small team of editors, designers and technicians as I manage publishing projects for others. I now bring all of my creative, demanding and multi-faceted publishing experience to the table with my non-fiction authors, as they plan, write, create and market their own books. Like me, they are building their own small publishing enterprise.

And I love it!


I found my way into this wonderful career after a major career crisis many years ago, and because of a book titled ‘I Could Do Anything If Only I Knew What It Was’ by Barbara Sher.

Since my own pivotal career moment, I have also collected career coaching qualifications plus years of experience supporting others as they find their way through career transition, and those skills and insights are critical to those early conversations with book coaching clients as I ask them: “Just what do you want your book to do for YOU?”

Yes, books do change lives – and yours can too.


I would love to be involved with your journey into the self-publishing world because I know from personal experience just what that journey can bring to your life.

You do more than publish: you experience great personal growth as you write; extreme gratification when you publish; and when done properly, doors open to you that otherwise would not even be visible.

My role is to personally support any or all parts of your publishing project and work with you to ensure your book has maximum impact.

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Trained Book Coach (with Mindy Gibbons-Klein in the UK)


Certified Career Coach


Bachelor of Arts (English & Social Sciences)


Diploma in Education – secondary school English teacher


Certificate IV in Training & Assessment


Certificate IV in Small Business Management


Certificate IV in Employment Services

I have also:


Completed the Key Person of Influence (KPI) 40-week business accelerator program, which includes publishing mentoring with Andrew Griffiths, Australia’s #1 business author, speaker and consultant. Publishing is one of the five KPI pillars of success: Pitch / Publish / Profile / Programs / Partnerships.


Trained to use the Talent Dynamics profiling tool with Michelle Clarke (UK), a tool to asses an individual’s talent and strengths in the workplace – very helpful way to understand which aspects of the publishing process will come easily to individual clients, and which parts of the process they will need extra support and encouragement through.


Become a certified ‘Profiting from your Passions’ career coach with Valerie Young (USA).

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FREE e-Course & e-Book


Sign up below and get access to our introductory FREE 3-part mini e-course ‘YOUR PUBLISHING POTENTIAL’ as well as our e-book ‘THE PUBLISHING PROCESS PLANNER’ to give you book ideas and explain the publishing process.  


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