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Author of Small Company Big Business“The 7 steps outlined in this book will allow you to find, engage, and then keep those big customers you really, really want to have on your website. You will learn how they think, what they expect of you, what you need to comply with their requirements, and how to keep them on your client list once you have signed that first, important contract.” Read Bronwyn’s story here…



Authors of We Did It Our Way“We have a picnic lunch beside a river and start climbing another magnificent pass to an altitude of 3,700 metres. The scenery is spectacular as we come into Sari Tash, with a panorama of the magnificent Pamir Mountains spread right across the horizon. They call this the ‘Rooftop of the World’ – and we are about to head over those mountains!” Read Lee and Paul’s story here…


Author of The Extra Mile The Health Professional’s Guide to Going Bush: “Rural health is not for the inflexible mind or the faint-hearted. To succeed you will need to be courageous enough to journey, not only to unknown geographical destinations but also along possibly unfamiliar mental and emotional paths. Embrace the opportunity and you will be rewarded with magnificent landscapes, genuine companions, revelation of your most authentic self and an extensive, transferrable skill base.” Read Christine’s story here…


Author of Mum’s Guide to Pregnancy: “There is nothing more satisfying than caring for women and their partners before the pregnancy, then through the pregnancies, and finally meeting their beautiful babies at their first health check. I also feel privileged to be able to provide support for women who are undertaking the journey into parenthood alone.” Read Maria’s story here…


Author of Millionaire Feng Shui: The proven business science of Feng Shui you will learn in this book simply gives you shortcuts so you can get right down to building a successful business. You will be using the same professional Feng Shui strategies that have already been abundantly demonstrated as highly effective by modern, million dollar businesses.” Read Alisse’s story here…


Author of Women as Leaders – The World Needs You: I have written this book as a practical guide for young women about leadership, with the hope that it will provide some tools to crack and even shatter that last glass barrier that exists for women – the barrier that keeps us from being part of the power decisions of the world.” Read Denise’s story here…


Author of Tapping to Reclaim You – How to Re-Ignite your Passion, Power and Purpose in 30 Days: “Since tapping has entered my life, I have experienced the most profound shifts. In fact I feel as if in my late 50s I am aging backwards. This technique has not only had a profound effect on my life, allowing me to experience more joy, more energy, more freedom, and more understanding of myself, but I have now been able to share it with hundreds of clients.”
Read Sally’s story here…


Author of High Thrive Me! A 5-step guide to helping kids with autism live happier, healthier lives: “This book isn’t about the science behind diet or why diet will help autism. There are lots of great resources which cover those subjects. I am guessing that you had already heard about special diets before you picked up this book and think it is something you would like to try, but are wondering where on earth to start. That is where I come in.” Read Kris’s story here…


Author of Have your cake and sell it too: the 7 key ingredients of business success: “Stripped back, all businesses are fundamentally the same. No matter the size or stage of the business, everyone struggles with the same common challenges, just at varying degrees. I believe we can learn how to overcome them from each other. What excites me most in this world is helping business owners get full reward for all their hard work and effort. I live to liberate people’s lifestyles.” Read Jason’s story here…


photo-3Author of Leadership Attitude: “I now lead a growing leadership consulting business and you could call me CEO, managing director, business owner, or founder. They are all great titles. I would call myself a leader – and a semi-expert at that. Why? The leader title is explained in my book. The semi-expert is because I never want to stop learning about leadership and myself. I feel if I call myself an expert, my brain will say, ‘That’s it, you don’t need to know any more.” Read Sonia’s story here…


Philippa_photo200x193Author of Rules of Social Engagement: “Through this journey I have earned more money than I ever had before, written a book, received recommendations from some of the globe’s top social influencers, and even won one national award—B&T Women in Media People’s Choice Winner—and was a National Digital finalist at the same event. Even better, I have been able to do all of this without missing one school carnival, music performance, dance concert, sports match or parent/teacher interview.” Read more about Philippa here


Kathryn-Hodges_closeup_72dpAuthor of Who Gets the Dog?: “For many years I took pride in keeping my “lawyer” me quite separate from my “real” me. However, that doesn’t really work, and I hit a personal and professional wall, when I saw one heartbreak too many in a Courtroom. I decided that the law wasn’t for me, and that I was going to look for a way out.” Read more about Kathryn here


geoff-orr-headshotAuthor of Your Future – Shape It: “I wrote the book for the 80+% of Australians who struggle with their money, don’t have a financial adviser and without prompting, won’t get one. If nothing else, it’s to let them know that they are not alone, that others struggle too but it is OK to get help. There are people out there to help – and that’s where the book kicks off: how to find an adviser.”  Read Geoff’s story here


AmandaAuthor of Powered by Health: “I got here by having not one, but two major health crashes. I was unable to work for two years and reached the depths of despair, thinking I would never work again. In that down-time I got to review my life and gradually I climbed out and eventually saw that I could play a really important role in helping other women like me, who forgot or bypassed looking after themselves in their highly pressured lives…”  Read Amanda’s story here


Emily at table_300dpiAuthor of The Gift: “In all the goal setting I have done in my career, I never considered being an author! However, soon after I returned home from hospital after my accident, I wanted to document an historical account of this time for my children, aged 10, 8 and 6 at the time.  I intended to give it to them when they turned aged 18 or 21, with a strong message that “when things don’t go according to plan, you have a choice – you can choose your reaction, and make the most of any situation that life throws at you.” Read Emily’s story here


Helen Lock20790 crop squareAuthor of 101 Ways to Treat Your Itch: “XMA has now been re-branded into a cream for airline passengers and cabin crew called Aviation Hydration. Aviation Hydration has been showcased in gift bags presented to Hollywood celebrities and has featured on NBC TV in the United States, and many media outlets in Australia – 2GB radio, Channel 10 news, Courier Mail, ABC radio, Hot Tomato, Gold Coast Bulletin… and more.”  Read Helen’s story here


Motize T-ShirtAuthor of #disruptmenow: “My book was written at a pivotal point in my life, where I had stopped the music and walked away from everything except my family. I elected to start again, with family at the core of who I am, and that required a serious adjustment to all of our lives. I needed a break from the travel, stress and lifestyle of high-end corporate life or I was going to end up dead by 50. I had been extremely successful, but other things had suffered.”  Read more about David here


Viti Simmons profile 2Author of Bearing Fruit: “I believe that recognising and advocating women’s shared business experiences and aspirations globally brings us closer together. For that connection to happen, opportunities are needed to hear of the lives, aspirations and views of other women entrepreneurs. A percentage of my book sales go direct to Hands with Hands projects in Nepal. Once a year I create a ‘Giving Circle’ that supports training opportunities for women in microfinance cooperatives in the Chitwan District in Nepal.” Read more about Viti here…


HelenBakerAuthor of On Your Own Two Feet: “I felt inspired to write a book which would help the first world and the third world. The money from the book goes towards rescuing women trapped in sex trafficking whilst helping to educate those in the first world to be on their own two feet. We have rescued probably eight girls so far. The book has also opened up other doors for me in terms of radio segments, speaking opportunities, and magazine columns so I can reach and assist those out there who maybe can’t afford my services but who want to know what they don’t know. Read Helen’s story here…

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