I'm an author!

Yes indeedie .. why NOT you?

It’s time to step up to the plate My Friend, and time to be your own hero.

You have spent your lifetime gathering and collecting and mixing and practising and perfecting and heading towards the edge to proclaim your knowledge, and backing off again. Now it’s time to commit.

Join the literary world. Buy the glasses if that helps. And the satchel.

Share your own special life-blend. Sing your song. Languish over a love affair with your laptop in secluded places. Grab stolen moments and develop a viewpoint where previously there may have been an inkling.

Dream about the arty quirky book cover which people will love and comment on; begin conversations with people on buses – people with the glasses and satchels. Hang out at communal tables in groovy coffee shops. Say confidently when asked – ‘I am an author’ – and let yourself be carried into wonderful conversations.

Get out of town and back to earth when you are flagging: watch the sky, think, smell the ocean, chat with the vegie grower at the roadside stall, be recharged by the earth and its beauty.

Turn your writing experience into the time of your life – every bit as important as the ensuing author experience.