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Jane Hanckel, founder of Inspir=Ed, is the author of ‘Eco Parenting – growing greener children’ (2011) and ‘Eco Parenting – guide to pregnancy to year one’.

“I wrote the first Eco Parenting book because the early childhood and parenting programs which we had delivered in communities through Inspir=Ed had led to dramatic improvements in the health and well-being of parents and children who were at risk of being removed from their families, yet many of the service providers were extremely resistant to implementing basic health and well-being principals at the core of our programs. I hoped the book would provide a foundation for understanding the importance of healthy diet, lifestyle and environments on children’s well-being.”

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Since then much has happened in Jane’s life.

“The practical advice-based Eco Parenting books are now being translated into Chinese to be published there as ‘Parenting as an Art’. There are possibilities emerging in China for television and educational programs. In Australia we have been talking with a national broadcaster who is interested in a documentary television series based on the book and our work in communities.

The book has played and is continuing to play a pivotal role in my career and business life. Following the publication I was invited by RMIT University to work with leading researchers on a national research project based on the book. I was also commissioned by Professor Leonie Seagal of the Health, Economics and Policy Unit at the University of South Australia to write a peer reviewed research paper that identified the seven key elements and underlying theories behind the Inspir=Ed programs. This has led to a much stronger basis for the television and educational areas of our project.

Looking back the most difficult aspects of self-publishing were attempting to do all the design work on the book myself, which was a huge learning curve, whilst at the same time write a comprehensive book that dealt with all the major challenges to health and well-being of children and parents.”

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