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Publishing your own non-fiction book is one of the fastest ways to become a highly visible, valued voice in your field AND build your professional profile while growing your business.

Publishing can also add exciting dimensions to your life, like invitations to speak and travel, unexpected opportunities and interesting collaborations. You have probably witnessed this with other business owners and you are now ready to explore what publishing can do for you.

However, it’s not just about the book!

Publishing is also about doing your most meaningful work and adding your legacy and lasting footprint. It’s about shining your light to show the way for others, just as other writers have done for you.

It’s actually about unmasking to show who you really are, and what you are willing to stand for, then sharing your unique and confident voice amidst the noise.

As author and executive coach Dolores Cummins warns in her book Altitude – Two Women’s Journey on Mt Kilimanjaro:
“Alert to the small alarm bells warning that you are hiding—hiding from your light, your life, your potential, your gift or the unique song you are meant to sing in this life. Hiding has a high price.”

If you love to provide solutions for people who need what you offer, and you understand them and their problems well, you can write a book. You have probably been in their shoes at some stage and now have the knowledge, experience and understanding to help them find their way to solutions they seek.

So PLEASE DO NOT allow overwhelm, procrastination and self-doubt to crush your publishing dreams any longer.

Your influence is needed and valued.

As a non-fiction book mentor and publishing project manager, with career coaching skills as well, I specialise in working with enterprising women who are self-publishing their pivotal non-fiction books – books that will grow their current business and professional brand. (Here’s my business website.)

Publishing is also a fantastic strategy for transitioning into self-employment or a new business and quickly raising your visibility and credibility!

I discovered self-publishing many years ago now, and I too almost talked myself out of taking such a bold step. I am so glad I didn’t. I have founded two magazines for enterprising women, won several business awards for my work; and since 2009 I have gone on to help many women find their voice and raise their visibility through publishing their own books.

Why you need support

It is said that around 90% of people would love to write a book.

However, most people never achieve this goal. Why is it so difficult?

I have seen THREE things get in the way of publishing success – and you might be very familiar with some of them:

People have too many ideas – they cannot decide which book to write first, so never begin.

The whole publishing process seems confusing and unattainable – and they don’t know where to start.

Or they do begin writing, but self-doubt and fear soon kick in – ‘I’m not an expert so who do I think I am to write a book?’

Isolation kills their dream.

After almost giving up on my first publishing dream in 1997, I later recognised the need for paced and personalised guidance, information, structure and support to help women like you – and me – get your book underway.

So in 2012 I ran my first group Book Success Program via live webinars – and have run them every year since. I have now added more value and content to the program to help you PROFIT FROM PUBLISHING.

Here are some comments from women who have taken part in my book coaching program

I was delighted to participate in Bev’s book success webinar program. It was valuable on so many levels and suitable for those at the beginning of their writer’s journey as well as those who were further along the path. There’s a great deal involved in getting a book from an idea to a product. Many of these steps were unknown to me at the beginning. Bev shared with us the benefits of hers and other authors’ successful book publication journey. We were given templates, resources, tips on things to do and avoid, and introductions to others in the trade. I really looked forward to the weekly webinar, which was a motivational shot in the arm on what can be a long, lonely at times and unknown journey. It is my pleasure to recommend the program to other authors.

Dr Tracy Stanley

Social Scientist: Intrapreneurship, Employee Engagement, Change Management

Bev’s book success webinar program provided the support and framework to bring my dream of publishing a book a lot closer. The weekly sessions were well structured and delivered clearly and Bev was available for additional support as needed. I am so pleased I made the commitment to myself in doing this program.

Phoebe Maroulis

Social Alchemist - Human Potential

I was fortunate enough to be able to work with Bev after winning the QRRRWN Strong Women’s Business Leadership Award in 2013.  Writing a book was not something I had ever considered – it was in the “too hard” basket!  Bev’s structured approach, and the fact that we were in constant contact through the webinars, kept me on track.  Bev is an experienced, steady hand, who has a wealth of knowledge around the subject of publishing.  There were times when I would easily have walked away from my project, but thanks to Bev’s quiet persistence, my book will see the light of day.

Bronwyn Reid

Business Adviser & Speaker - Mining for Business

On my to-do list by the time I was 30 was “Publish a book”. I had thought about Bev’s book coaching program a few times before, but this time I made the commitment and signed up. Besides learning to fly an aeroplane – going on a book publishing journey has been one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Bev’s program is concise and considered and she steps you through the process with ease. Having the regular webinars scheduled in my diary meant that I didn’t let anything stop me. It also gave me the discipline to take time out of my day, stop and reflect on what I wanted to achieve and what I wanted to say.

The book I ended up publishing wasn’t the book I thought I would but it was the book that I desired most in the moment and the feedback and reception it has had out in the market has been amazing. I will self-publish again in a heartbeat. Once you’ve done it once you will never look back!

Karen Brook

Australian Mentor of 'Thinking Into Results' / Entrepreneurial Expert

Here’s proof of what a book can do

Tanya Bartolini
Entrepreneur & Author of Blending the Cultures – now in Silicon Valley with her family

“The other challenge was knowing how to even start writing a book. I had no idea what to do, but with the help of Bev Ryan’s book coaching and publishing advice, I got underway.

The book completely changed my life. I paused my career in finance and launched into the wonderful world of food. Suddenly I went from speaking with financial advisers to cooking on the Today show and ABC radio. I woke up every day and got to talk about my passion and also influence others to do the same. Not only do I feel that the book was pivotal for me but also for others who heard my story or read my book and thought: “I want to take the leap and do something different or make a change in my life too.”

Jane Hanckel

Jane Hanckel is author of the Eco Parenting books, Growing Greener Children and Pregnancy to Year One Parenting Guide: here she speaks with me about the international opportunities coming her way because she wrote her books.

Jane’s story …

MaryAnne Leighton
Now just read what the right book has done for Australian equine rescue expert:

“Within two months of the launch, Equine Emergency Rescue became the official training manual for all Large Animal Rescue training for SES volunteers, RSPCA Inspectors, equine veterinarians, Fire and Rescue personnel and horse owners. I never expected to have a new career thrust upon me in my early 60s but I have gone from being a quietly successful freelance writer and biographer to an almost full-time Large Animal Rescue educator and supplier of Large Animal Rescue training and rescue equipment. When I published in November 2010, I gave myself two years to promote and market Equine Emergency Rescue, after which I intended to return to freelance writing and finish my next book. Four years on and I’m still in shock, rarely have time to research and write articles anymore and haven’t touched the next book.”


And the greatest reason of all to publish?

You step up to a new playing field full of amazing opportunities!

I will coach you through the early stages of planning and writing so you create the right book for the right reasons. No more procrastinating – it serves no one. I will also ensure you understand the whole publishing process and connect and guide you with trusted professionals who can creatively and professionally bring your words into book form.

If you are ready to:

  • stand out in a crowded marketplace because of your well-constructed book
  • attract the attention of your ideal client because you are being acknowledged as an expert and leader in your field
  • step up to welcome opportunities that come to you from unexpected sources because your book will reach people in places you may never have imagined
  • leverage your book because you can then create more profit centres for your business

…then this program is for YOU!

What this Publishing Program is NOT:

  • Automated releases of online content that you receive and never get around to opening, let alone working on in isolation
  • Full of hype and false promises of million-dollar results from a book you write in one weekend: it has probably been done but it is a very rare bird
  • A lead-in to over-priced publishing services that promise the world and deliver very little
  • A program crowded with hundreds of participants which means you get little personal attention
  • An editorial or publishing service – although we can provide those skills when needed
  • A false guarantee your book will be completed by the end of the program – but that is a possibility if you have the time you need to do that.

What this Publishing Program IS:

  • A one-to-one book coaching program based on a proven system – with extra bonuses thrown in
  • Your own personal instructor providing the mentoring and information you require to plan your book and confidently step into the role of author, without paralyzing you with overwhelm of information
  • An assured set of logical processes in manageable chunks to ensure your book is well-planned and underway
  • Accountability and structure – plus a deadline – and your very own mentor who believes in you and can continue to support you way after this program ‘officially’ closes, so that your book is completed at last
  • An embrace of the unexpected transformative power of making a bold and heart-felt vision come to life.

Here’s what you will get from doing this program:


You will get clarity and confidence about your message to the world.


You will decide which book to write first, and for whom.


You will work out how to structure your book so it benefits your reader.


You will learn all of the steps involved in self-publishing, how long it takes, and who can help you.


You will begin your book! You may well even finish it during the program, depending on time you have available.


You will work on your book cover concept, book title and back cover blurb.

On completion of this program, you will be well placed to complete and publish your book in 2017!
I can guarantee that writing and publishing your book will take you through one of the most exciting journeys of professional and personal growth.
And you will learn an enormous amount about your readers, your subject matter – and yourself.

This program includes


EIGHT fortnightly interactive, educational and inspiring coaching calls with me on the program topics, via 60-minute webinars. [Note, all webinars are recorded so you have access to the information again later.] I will add another 30-minutes to each call for Q&A if you wish to stay online. When you sign up for this individual coaching program we will schedule the regular calls at a time that best suits you. (Value = $2400)


  • Create a clear vision for your book
  • Define your audience and know what they want
  • Get clear on your strengths in this process
  • Understand the publishing process
  • Create a deadline and map out key steps along the way
  • Carefully plan your book content and structure
  • Learn to write confidently, free of self-criticism
  • Understand the anatomy of a book
  • Draft your book cover
  • Learn more about your ‘author platform’.


The book plan you begin will guide you to think about your book from a business perspective. You will then have it on hand to share when asked for information about your book. Your book cover draft will start you thinking hard about your book title, sub-title, back cover marketing spiel, and the visual elements of your book


to progress you through the program at a manageable pace. No more absorbing ‘how to’ but actually doing nothing.


Access to Bev for 4 x 30-minute personal online coaching sessions after the live webinar segment is completed, scheduled at a time to suit you. Must be claimed within 3 months, to keep you on track and working on your book! (Value = $400)


There are exercise which you complete prior to commencement, so that you enter the webinar program fully prepared. During the program you receive worksheets and resources to assist you with your publishing project.

Here’s what the program looks like:

COMMENCES at a date that suits you and your coach – you agree on this prior to commencement. You then meet for eight x fortnightly live webinars with Bev. They run for 60 minutes and contain guidance and information – with optional personal coaching/question time for another 30 minutes. (VALUE of this coaching time – $2400)

You will receive a copy of Bev’s new book, Enterprise You: how smart women self-publish pivotal books, when it is released  mid-year.

PRIOR to commencement you will receive your pre-work to complete before the program begins, so you are prepared and ready to go.

Information is delivered in manageable chunks each fortnight, with time to absorb and apply what you learn, rather than a massive download of information that overwhelms you and sits unopened in your computer.

The course content will also be stored on the website for you to access.

Bonuses for program participants:

  • BEV’S PUBLISHING SERVICES are available to you on completion of your book, if required. Bev can manage your publishing project and co-ordinate editors, graphic designers, printers and online distribution. Just ask for a quote.
  • MEDIA COVERAGE in Bev’s digital magazine, Honestly Woman, to promote your book.

Cost of the program

One payment AUS $1950

(save $150)


4 instalments of AUS $550

(monthly from date of enrolment)


YOUR ABSOLUTE KEY to success will be to simply:

Show up.

Make the webinars a priority.

Do the work in between each webinar.

Apply what you learn after our program finishes.

Access your post-program personal coaching sessions, designed to give you support and accountability.

Register now to begin your personal book coaching program

One payment AUS $1950

(save $150)


4 instalments of AUS $550

(monthly from date of enrolment)


It’s really important to me that this program is just what you need to finally get your VIP book underway. I guarantee I will show up 150% and deliver all content outlined above. I also guarantee that if you show up 100%, attend all webinars (or listen to recordings), complete all exercises AND access your 90-minute personal coaching session – plus reviews of your work – you will be excited at your potential and will have a quality book well underway.

CONTACT ME NOW or call me on 0403 831 342 if you want to know more about this program.

Bev Ryan

Copyright 2017 Bev Ryan Publishing

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FREE e-Course & e-Book


Sign up below and get access to our introductory FREE 3-part mini e-course ‘YOUR PUBLISHING POTENTIAL’ as well as our e-book ‘THE PUBLISHING PROCESS PLANNER’ to give you book ideas and explain the publishing process.  


Please check your email to confirm your registration. Thank you!