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I love to work with enterprising authors of non-fiction when you understand that:

◾ Your message will impact the world in a meaningful way.
◾ Your book is an essential part of your greater career/business/life plan.
◾ Your book will open exciting doors and introduce you to people you might not otherwise meet.
◾ You will make more money because of your book: it’s not all about ‘bestseller’ status.
◾ You want to focus on what you do best while we help make your book happen.

Your book is a very public statement of your brand and purpose: carefully planned, well-structured and professionally edited content; as well as cohesive design of book cover, layout, marketing material, website and promotional material are essential.

The Team

As your publishing project manager I take the load off you, answer your questions, guide you through planning and writing your book, and work with my team to bring your book into being.

I have tried, tested and short-listed a team of three professional editors, each with 20+ years of editing experience in the publishing industry. You will be paired with one of them, depending on their workload at the time.

I have several graphic designers I work with on clients’ book cover designs and page layout, depending on the style required. We then co-ordinate a suitable print company, and/or set clients’ books up on Amazon for e-book and print-on-demand sales.

We provide the services listed below individually as you require them, HOWEVER a planned and co-ordinated approach is recommended.



You work with us to develop an overall publishing strategy, find your point of difference, and create your book structure before you begin writing. Once you have the internal shape of your book planned out, you have manageable and logical segments to work with. You then begin to furnish each segment and learn to relax into your unique voice as you write.

Find out more about a BOOK BOOSTER Session here.


Regular coaching sessions will assist you with reviewing your progress, ensuring your ideas are presented logically, and will provide you with an external support system to make you accountable.

Also included:

  • your contents page, where each chapter title needs to attract the reader, just as magazine article headlines do
  • the material for the front end and back end of your book
  • the critical text on your book cover, including your sub-title and other front cover components
  • PLUS your back cover marketing material.

Your reader WILL look at these components and decide if they like the sound of your book.

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Write your first draft free of concern about perfection. Accessing an appraisal of your manuscript (above) is optional.

Work on your manuscript again – read it aloud as you work through it – THEN access editing expertise to ensure your final draft is a well-constructed, professional and informative book. Do not succumb to ‘Muphry’s Law’ which states ‘No matter how many times you check your own work you will always find a typo when you first open your freshly printed book.’

Note: your manuscript must be fully edited and proofread before it goes to the layout designer. It is essential your editor or another professional set of eyes fully proofreads your typeset manuscript after it has been laid out by your graphic designer AND again when your printer provides you with a pre-press proof.


Your book’s cover design and internal layout must be professional and attractive, but they do not need to cost the earth.

We provide unique and individual one-off design according to your requirements, and I work with you to ensure the end result is top quality. Not brassy; not cliched: intelligent design rules the day!

When the design and layout are ready to go, your book files are saved ready for print and e-book production.

Tip: the design of your marketing material for your book should be a seamless fit with the design of your book.


You no longer have to source money for up-front costs of large print-runs of your book, if you do not want to go that way. Small manageable print runs and ongoing online print-on-demand are fantastic options.

See more about digital print-on-demand and e-books below in ‘Online Sales and Distribution’.

We can refer you to suitable digital print companies for copies of your book and/or set up your files with IngramSpark. We can refer you to a print broker specialising in offshore printing if you want to look at cheaper printing options (with a much longer turn-around time) – especially useful for hard cover books and/or colour pages.


If required, you should have a fully functional website/blog developed for your business and your book, or for your book alone.You must also consider which social media platforms suit your purposes. We can provide guidance and/or assistance with this.

Tip: As early as possible purchase a domain name that matches the title of your book. If it is not available, think about changing the title a little, or look for ‘(your book title)book’ or similar.


We prefer to set you up as a publisher and upload your print and e-book files to IngramSpark (Lightning Source) so that your book is available through Amazon as print book and e-book, and it is listed in international book catalogues. You are then in control of your own small publishing business. Your print book is then printed and delivered within days when ordered online. Your e-book is delivered immediately.

You receive all royalties from purchases of your book. We are not in the business of co-publishing or charging royalties. We set you up and help you fly unfettered. You simply pay us a small service fee to create your e-book files in .mobi and .epub, and upload them when layout is complete.


We can recommend a book distributor who may be willing to place your books in traditional book retail stores. They base their decision on the sales potential and professional presentation of your book, and they profit from a share in your sales.

They do NOT market your book – that is up to you – although they do assist with marketing material in the stores if you invest in that option. We only charge a service fee if you want us to arrange everything for you – otherwise you can look after this yourself.

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Book coaching services: available by arrangement – go to the ‘Coaching’ tab on this site.

Publishing Services: I only take on TWO new books each month so that I deliver personal service and your book gets the attention it deserves. Bookings are essential, so please request a quote as you reach the final stages of writing.

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Publishing Process

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FREE e-Course & e-Book


Sign up below and get access to our introductory FREE 3-part mini e-course ‘YOUR PUBLISHING POTENTIAL’ as well as our e-book ‘THE PUBLISHING PROCESS PLANNER’ to give you book ideas and explain the publishing process.  


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