Yvonne Halling has truly created a beautiful life.

An author and business mentor, she also runs a beautiful bed and breakfast, Les Molyneux, in the heart of the Champagne region of France. Originally from the UK, she and her husband Jiles and their two daughters also lived and worked in Japan before establishing their home in Verzy, a charming French village.

Out of desire for a hobby business, Yvonne (above) first began taking in guests in 2001 while her husband was travelling extensively with work. The family uprooted back to the UK in 2005, renting their French property to tenants, then in 2009, after a series of financial challenges, came back to France where Yvonne re-opened the B&B with four guest rooms, and began to take business growth very seriously.

Online marketing now offered a window to the world, so Yvonne diligently applied all of the principles she was absorbing.

Yvonne’s books

After learning more about the attraction factor of a well-planned book, Yvonne produced ‘How to Survive and Thrive Living in a Foreign Country’ (Sept 2011) and began to attract a strong online following.

As her marketing efforts brought more regular guests to her B&B and her business success grew, she decided to share her acquired knowledge with fellow accommodation hosts, so wrote and published ‘Bed and Breakfast Magic! How to Transform Your B&B into a Thriving 6-Figure Business’ in early 2013.


As a direct consequence of authoring this book Yvonne was invited to present at several B&B industry events in the USA. She then received so many requests for help that she launched her now thriving business as a mentor and coach to other B&B owners, innkeepers and small hotel owners around the world, where she helps them to attract more repeat guests and massively increase their income through her online mentoring and marketing breakthrough programs.

Her second book, with her proven 5-step business marketing process, has been pivotal to her success.

Business award

As an unexpected bonus to Yvonne’s innovative and thorough use of Infusionsoft as her online sales, marketing and customer retention tool, she won their ‘Best-in-Class’ online marketing award in 2013, and her prize included this very professional business video. 

As Yvonne continues to apply her successful business and marketing strategies, her profile and credibility continue to grow.

Next stop – a television show

Her next exciting project is underway: in March 2015 Property Television Broadcasting Ltd (UK) launches its fourth new program commission, ‘Bed & Breakfast Rescue’ working with Yvonne as their B&B expert and mentor.

Over the course of the series, Yvonne will mentor bed and breakfast owners across the world, and show them how to increase turnover, profitability and quality of life by embracing new opportunities created by online marketing and social media. (Property TV will appear on Sky Channel 238.)

Yvonne’s worldview

Yvonne openly shares her story and deeper philosophies on her website, which only serve to endear her to the clients she wishes to attract to her coaching business, as well as into her home as guests.

Here she tells us why she does what she does so very well:

“My business philosophy is simple: I bring in the guests, which means that I buy more bread from the local baker, more meat from the local butcher, bring diners to the local restaurant, bring buyers of champagne to the local producers, bring clients to local attractions, bring employment to my cleaners, gardener and bookkeeper, and give business to the local laundry service.

“I buy local produce wherever possible, which supports local business, and anyone who I trust and who has something valuable to offer, I offer their products for sale at the B&B.

“This is simply how, I believe, all businesses must operate in the 21st century, rather than the relentless quest for more and more profit.

“And the funny thing,” Yvonne adds, “is that as soon as I had adopted this philosophy, more and more profit came to me, like magic!”


Verzy, the picturesque village in the Champagne region of France




You can find out more about Yvonne Halling and her B&B at these websites: www.bedandbreakfastcoach.com and www.bedandbreakfastinchampagne.com

Her books are available on Amazon Kindle and Amazon.

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